Abstract topics

Abstract topics

The Abstract Submission for FRPT 2021 is divided into 3 tracks: Radiation Modalities, Mechanisms and Flash in Clinic.

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Abstract Submission Guidelines

Topic A: Radiation Modalities

  • A1 – Which conditions (radiation type, dose rate, dose per pulse, total irradiation time) are optimal for FLASH RT?
  • A2 – Quality assurance and real time measurement of FLASH doses: ionisation chambers, film, solid state detectors, scintillators
  • A3 – How FLASH RT is delivered: electrons, photons, protons, heavy ions: equipment involved, how beam is delivered, experimental end stations etc?
  • A4 – FLASH radiation protection; simulation and measurement for research and clinical treatment
  • A5 – Spatially fractionated radiotherapy, mini beams, micro beams etc.
  • A6 – New horizons in FLASH, spatially fractionated radiotherapy and particle therapy: Laser driven ions, VHEE etc.
  • A7 – Abstracts from INSPIRE and UHD Pulse projects; can be from those involved in the projects or through collaborative projects (for example trans national access projects through INSPIRE)

Topic B: Mechanisms

  • B1 – Physics: modelling the FLASH effect, Geant 4 DNA, other code
  • B2 – Physico-Chemistry: FLASH chemistry, oxygen contribution, ROS
  • B3 – Biology: molecular level, DNA damage, oxidative stress, inflammation; cellular level; tissue level
  • B4 – In vitro and in vivo studies,
  • B5 – Flash and drug / immune radiation combinations

Topic C: Flash in the Clinic

  • C1 – QA and dosimetry
  • C2 – TPS development for FLASH
  • C3 – Treatment regimen, fractionation, volume, combination
  • C4 – Clinical trial design and methodology, regulations
  • C5 – Patient selection (how many patients might benefit from FLASH?), FLASH clinical workflow, health economics
  • C6 – Clinical trial:  FLASH-IORT and superficial tumours; FLASH – proton; synchrotron trial; innovative trials