Guidelines for Chairs

Guidelines for Chairs

Your responsibilities as chair will be the same as at a regular physical conference: to call speakers forward, tell them when to start, keep the time and inform speakers when they have 5 / 2 / 0 minutes left, and deciding who gets to ask questions.


  • Please ensure you have received and accepted the Outlook invitation with a Zoom link for joining your session.
  • To see the presenters’ names, the titles of the presentations and the abstracts, please go to the detailed interactive programme on the conference website and look for your session title in the search bar.


  • Please make sure you log into the session 30 minutes prior to the session start. This time is needed for preparation and check of the audio/video/screen sharing.
    • The calendar invitation you have received is already set for 30 minutes in advance.
    • IMPORTANT: If you are chairing another session before this one and the times slightly overlap, please join the 2nd session as soon as possible after the previous one is over.
    • The host will provide you with a link to monitor the upcoming questions from the audience. The link may be opened in a browser (easier if you have 2 screens) or on your phone/tablet.


  1. Open the session by welcoming the audience and introducing the session title.
  2. Inform the attendees that they can type in their questions at any moment of the session using the Q&A tab on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Introduce the speakers one by one in the order shown in the conference calendar and give them time to present their talks. Please allow time for discussion after each talk.
  4. Please kindly note that your session needs to end on time as other sessions begin right after the session. If the session runs over time unfortunately, the technician will need to stop the session.
  5. After the last presentation, thank the speakers.
  6. Should you wish to continue the discussion between the audience and the speakers after the session ends, please invite the audience to the Networking Lounge of the virtual platform and open a discussion there.

For further information on how the Semi-Live and Fully Live sessions will work technically, please check the presentation from the technical briefings.

Technical Problems:
There will be a host from Kenes Group in each of the sessions. The host will be there the whole time and be responsible for recording the presentations and helping you with any technical questions.
If you are experiencing technical difficulties, you may refer to the host by writing in the Zoom Chat.
You can also email

Session Formats

Duration – 30 minutes | Format – Fully Live

Each invited speaker has 25 minutes for presentation + 5 minutes for Live Q&A.

Duration – up to 60 minutes | Format – Semi Live

Each of the speakers has 8 minutes for presentation + 2 minutes for Live Q&A.

These sessions are in the format Semi Live – They will include a mix of live and pre-recorded presentations. The live presentations will be first. The speakers will have 8 minutes for presentation + 2 minutes for Q&A. After the live presentations, the session technician will stream the pre-recorded presentations one by one.

  • Please inform the audience in advance that the session will continue with streaming pre-recorded presentations. The technician will give you a sign during the session so you can announce this.
  • The pre-recorded talks won’t have dedicated time for discussion.

Duration – up to 60 minutes | Format  – Fully Live

Each of the speakers has 8 minutes for presenting their E-Poster + 2 minutes for Live Q&A.

The Q&A should be after each of the presentations.

The Conference Secretariat will notify you if your session has a different format. 

Thank you for your efforts and time and we wish you lots of luck with your session.